Huntershill Rhino Rescue – October 2015

Huntershill rescues Rhino - October 2015

In October 2015 Greg heard of a rhino cow that was threatened at Kenton-on-Sea on the Eastern Cape Coast.  He put together a plan to rescue her.  A team was dispatched to Kenton, where they collected a tip-up, flatbed tow truck and special animal transport container.  They then made their way to the farm where the rhino was to be collected.  She had already been driven into a boma, where a vet sedated her and she was persuaded into the container.  Special bars were then inserted to keep her upright throughout the journey.

The journey was some 300 km and the rhino was checked regularly and given water.  The first part of the journey was on gravel and tar roads but, at Huntershill, the truck had to make its way into the mountains, far from any roads.  Finally, we reached the release point.  The container was slowly tipped onto the ground and the holding bars were removed and the back door opened.  Then an anti-sedation injection was given and she immediately woke up and backed out of the container.  After a quick look around, the rhino cow moved a short distance away and began grazing, although keeping a wary eye on the team.

Rhinos do not move around much, so it may be some time before this cow encounters the other rhinos on the farm but we hope it’s not too long.  The entire team at Huntershill are delighted with this latest rescue.