The greatest start to 2020: rain!

The greatest start to 2020

Towards the end of 2019 things had become desperate, we hadn’t had the rain we needed. Animals were dying all around us. Each time we looked at the weather forecast we were promised rain yet when the day came nothing happened. This was not only isolated to our ranch, our whole country was in a drought. Greg had even said how can he enjoy his Christmas break when his livestock was dying all around him. Everyone was pulling their weight, we had to buy in feed for our animals and the staff were feeding around the clock.

Then one day, as a few of us sat around the fire after another hard day in Africa, clouds began to build up. We could smell the rain. We didn’t want to get our hopes up as we had done so many times before. Later that night while lying in bed, the heavens opened up and it began raining and raining. It didn’t stop. All of us could let out a sigh of relief, as we were holding our breaths for the last couple of months.

Have a look at how blessed we have been, we have received so much rain. We know it is going to be a good year!