What to hunt in Africa

You’re keen on a hunting safari in Africa. But how do you know what to hunt? What is the best game to hunt? What game is legal to hunt in South Africa?

Here is a complete list of what game and trophies you can hunt in Africa.

What animals can you hunt in South Africa

We’ve put together a list of what game animals you can hunt in South Africa. Whether you want to experience the Big 5 or hunt the elusive Tiny Ten, Africa has everything from the biggest to the smallest, and everything in between!

Nearly 30 different species of animals can be legally and regulated hunted in South Africa. Hunting is a wonderful way to support conservation, diversity, social and economic reform in rural areas, and eco-tourism. It also supports sustainable hunting, and in South Africa, this is strictly regulated by the government, with endangered species requiring the presence of a TOPS permit.

Huntershill Safaris supports the legal, regulated, sustainable hunting of trophy animals of Africa.

You can hunt the following plains game animals in South Africa

There are plentiful plains game animals that can be hunted in Africa – whether you prefer to hunt in summer or winter

Unlike other African countries, South Africa is the clear winner when it comes to the sheer number of different species of game animals available for the avid hunter. Hunters reap the benefit of hunting as a conservation tool due to numerous conservation methods and criteria implemented by individuals and game farms.

Here is a list of plains game animals that you can legally hunt in South Africa. This list does not include animals that have been imported from other countries. 

Plains animals you can hunt in South Africa

We have written articles on many of these species. Click to discover more about the animal you’d like to hunt, including ideal caliber, shot placement. 

For a full price list of what to hunt, click here.

what to hunt



– White Blesbok

– Yellow Blesbok

– Copper Blesbok





what to hunt in africa

– Gray Duiker

Blue Duiker


Gray Eland

Livingston Eland

Fallow deer 



what to hunt


Sharpe’s Grysbok

Cape Grysbok



– Black Impala

– White Flanked Impala

– Saddleback Impala

Jackal (Black Back)









Rhino (white)

what to hunt

Red Hartebeest


– Common Reedbuck

– Mountain Reedbuck

– Vaal Reedbuck

Roan Antelope

Sable Antelope


– Black Springbok

– Copper Springbok

– Kalahari Springbok

– White Springbok






Water Buffalo


– Black Wildebeest

– Blue Wildebeest

– Golden Wildebeest

– King Wildebeest

Vervet Monkey


– Burchell Zebra

– Mountain Zebra

The Big 5 animals you can hunt in South Africa

The dangerous game animals we can legally hunt in South Africa are the Big 5 (elephant, rhino, Cape buffalo, lion, and leopard), hippos and Nile crocodile. 

Why are they called the Big 5? Early European explorers who entered the southern and central interior of Africa called them the Big 5 because they were among the most dangerous animals to hunt.

What to hunt at Huntershill Safaris

Our home-away-from-home hunting lodge offers all of the listed plains animals for you to hunt.

We also have ‘exotic’ animals such as Arabian and Scimitar Horned Oryx, Axis Deer, Barbary Sheep, Bat Eared Fox, Four Horn Sheep, Hog Deer, Pere David Deer, and Rusa Deer. 

We also have Rhino (white) and Hippo from the dangerous animals hunting list.

All our hunting packages are fully inclusive:

– Accommodation

– All meals

– Beer, wine and soft drinks

– Laundry services

– Air transfers

– Professional hunter, skinner and trackers

– Field preparation of trophies

– Hunting license

– 4×4 vehicle

Our professional hunters will help you get the trophies you want most, and ensure your choice on what to hunt in Africa is successful and memorable!

We even have wonderful non-hunter activities for those who want to experience the beauty of Africa and break away from the stress and pressure of daily life.

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