Huntershill Safaris is a home away from home. Feel the peace and tranquility from the moment you arrive.

Get the hunting experience of a lifetime.

The fact that 97% of our international hunters return, sometimes with their families, is a testament to the wonderful experience to be enjoyed at Huntershill.

Where is Huntershill Safaris?

Huntershill Safaris is located on the malaria free Wildschutsberg Game Farm in the picturesque foothills of the Stormberg mountains near Queenstown in South Africa’s Eastern Cape Province.

The Game Farm is 55 000 acres (22 000 hectares).

What does Huntershill Safaris offer?

At Huntershill Safaris we specialize in making your hunting Safari an experience of a lifetime.

This premier Safari destination offers trophy hunting, bow hunting, fishing (carp and barbell) and wing shooting.

Our Safaris are led by experienced professional hunters and trackers who conduct both rifle and bow hunting safaris.


We are committed to animal conservation, fair chase hunting and giving our guests a thrilling experience to make your hunt a memorable one.

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Additional farms

Our primary hunting location is on the Huntershill Lodge on Wildschutsberg Game Farm. However, we also have four additional farms.

We use these farms to keep specific game, for breeding programs, and for specific hunting purposes.

In this way, we protect our species, and ensure there will always be the right game, at the right time, for you.

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Our history

In the early 1800's, the original farm was owned by a British nobleman.

It was renamed Wildschutsberg by a later Dutch owner.

The name "Wildschutsberg" means Hunter’s Hill and so the name has been retained.

The current farm has been extended through purchase of nearby farms.

Huntershill is now one of the largest game farms in the Eastern Cape.

Huntershill was established by Greg Harvey in 2000 with just 2,500 hectares.  Now it is 55,000 acres.

Greg has grown the operation and now entertains hunters from all over the world, including the USA, UK, Spain, Denmark, France, Canada, China, Argentina, Russia and Italy.

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Huntershill Safaris Supports Those in Need

As part of our commitment to support our community and those in need, Huntershill Safaris is affiliated with Safari Club International. For many years we have collected sporting equipment, etc and donated it to local schools that otherwise would not be able to expand their sport activities.

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about huntershill safarisWe have also partnered with NGO Angel Outreach in East London, a not-for-profit organization that supports abandoned children through various safe houses and orphanages in the Eastern Cape. 

Not only do we volunteer our time and energy in ensuring abandoned children are shown love and care through personal interactions, games, and activities, we also donate venison and freshly hunted carcasses to orphanages in need. 

Through our partnerships with these organizations, Huntershill Safaris continues to give back to the community, supporting protection and care for the vulnerable, and uplifting the people and community around us.

Meet the Staff of Huntershills Safairs

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Laura | Marketing

Laura has taken over the marketing and social media pages during 2019. She grew up on Huntershill and has loved interacting with clients from all walks of life.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual communication and Graphic Design from Stellenbosch University. She is passionate about customer service and would love to hear any feedback so Huntershill can grow from strength to strength.

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Cherelene | Lodge Manager

Cherelene has been lodge manageress for many years.

She, like many of our clients can’t stay away and has come back after working for us many years ago.

She loves meeting new clients, it is especially great for her that Huntershill has so many returning clients as they become friends.

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Max | Head Chef

Max has been a chef since 2000. He has been exposed to many different cuisines, but his passion lies in cooking with venison and seafood.

Max is hard working, flexible, honest and loyal. Qualities we hold very dear. Max also copes well with pressure and is dedicated to make your food and dining experience the best he can, always! He doesn’t mind going the extra mile to keep our clients happy.

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Thomas | Bar Staff

Thomas has been working at Huntershill for 13 years. Thomas works in the gardens and around the farm during the day and at night he works at the bar. He loves working behind the bar as he gets to meet new people and learn about different cultures. Thomas is very friendly and always has a smile on his face, ready to help you with anything you need.

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Aubrey | Chauffeur

Aubrey has been working at Huntershill for nearly 20 years.

He is one of the friendly faces who will be there to collect you from the airport.

He loves it when clients become part of the Huntershill family through coming back year after year. He is a humble, friendly and hard working guy.

The Professional Hunters at Huntershill Safaris


about huntershills safarisI became a PH in 2016. While I was growing up, I had a passion for hunting as I was a young boy who lived on a farm.

Hunting has taught me so much. It is more than just shooting an animal and making it a career, it is an absolute dream come true. Without hunting there would be no conservation, with no conservation there would no wildlife.

Let Africa live!


about huntershill safarisI shot my first Kudu bull when I was 8 years old, I still have the scar to prove it!

I have been a registered PH since 2007 and have been hunting full time since then. I have always love the outdoors and never saw myself in an office environment dealing with paperwork.

My favorite animals to hunt are the spiral horns, especially a big Kudu and bushbuck because they are very secretive and wary.


about huntershill safarisI started hunting at the young age of 11 and guided my first animal at 13. In 2009 my passion become a reality where I got my PH for big game. I am currently licensed in the Eastern Cape, Western Cape and Zambia.

My favorite animal to hunt is the Vaal Rhebuck and any free range kudu bulls. The tiny 10 also have a special place in my heart, as I believe this is the ultimate list to complete in Africa.

I became a PH because I am a peoples person and nothing brings me more joy than to see a client who has dreamt about his African Safari shoot what has been on his wish list. To me this is the best job in the whole world as nothing can beat sitting around the campfire making plans to what you will do the next day. You can sit the whole night planning all the finer details but everything can change a second the next day when you’re out and nothing brings me more joy. It is the thrill of the unknown that keeps us hunters hooked.

To me hunting is all about conservation, the people we bring together and the people and communities that benefit from hunting is massive. Huntershill strives to sell not only an animal but a whole experience and I am so lucky to be part of that. May I do this until the day I die.


about huntershill safarisMyself and my wife are based at Rocklands just outside Fort Beaufort. We absolutely love being in the hospitality industry. I have always wanted to be a PH, I have always loved hunting and in 2005 I finally starting to live my passion. I got my PH license then and have never looked back.

My favorite animal to hunt is a Bushbuck, it is a very shy and elusive animal and it takes lots of time and effort to get a good ram.

Hunting has allowed me to make friends with all sorts of people from around the world, allowing me to make so many connections. Hunting has also allowed me to create a good life for myself and my family.


about huntershill safarisMy first animal I ever shot was a Kudu on my 7th birthday, from then on you can say the rest is history.

I become a professional hunter in 1996, some might say I did it because of temporary insanity… I often agree. Although with that being said, I love being in the outdoors and meeting new people.

My favorite hunts to go on are Buffalo and Kudu hunts as I find them more thrilling.


about huntershill safarisI became a PH in 2013, my favorite animal to hunt is a kudu and warthog.

My love for the outdoors and hunting made me pursue my passion as a Professional Hunter.

I am a strong believer in conservation, I am an honorary Ranger at the Lawrence DE Lange Game reserve in Queenstown. By being a Ranger I am able to be very involved in wildlife conservation in our community.


about huntershill safarisDylan became a PH in 2009. His Favorite animal to hunt is a Cape Bushbuck because they so elusive. This hunting takes skill and animal understanding. Dylan became a PH about 4 years after his father passed away.

He shot his first animal on Huntershill. It was early winter in 2003 on his 13th birthday.

Dylan said “It was one of the most unique experiences I have ever been apart of, to see the joy on my old man's face and the sense of accomplishment my uncle (Greg) gave me during that moment. I will never I forget it. Every time I lace my boots up before I head into the bush I run through that moment time and time again. So, to share these moments with our clients is something I treasure, but also to know I get to feed my family ethically is also the reason I love hunting.”

Dylan is the proud voice behind PH Journals. Follow his Podcasts on PH Journal on iTunes and other social media platforms.

What our guests say about Huntershills Safaris

We had a great time at Hunters hill. A trip of a lifetime. Awesome meals and lodge staff! We will return.


My 2nd visit and just as fantastic as my 1st. Great lodge staff, great meals and superb PH’s, trackers & skinners.


Jason and the rest of the staff have been amazing. Great service and a great experience all the way round.


A truly exciting adventure!! Everyone made this an unforgettable experience that we will remember forever.


Great Hunt couldn’t ask for anything better. Boyce was a great guide. Love this place


Another hunt of a lifetime. Although it is my 4th visit to Huntershill it just keeps getting better.


Come experience Huntershill Safaris

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