What to hunt in Africa

what to hunt

You’re keen on a hunting safari in Africa. But how do you know what to hunt? What is the best game to hunt? What game is legal to hunt in South Africa? Here is a complete list of what game and trophies you can hunt in Africa. What animals can you hunt in South Africa…

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Hunting in Africa

hunting in africa

At last. Answers to all the questions you have about big game trophy hunting, African safaris, and conservation in South Africa. Big Game Hunting in Africa: What is it? Hunting big game – for many – is the essence of African hunting.  However, when it comes to big game in Africa, it is not just…

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Trophy Hunting Eland in Africa

hunting eland in africa

This spiral horned antelope has no season restrictions in South Africa, making it a perfect trophy for hunters looking to add a classic African trophy to their collection, no matter what season they hunt in. Know your target: About the Eland The Cape Eland is the largest antelope in southern Africa, and can come in…

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Hunting Kudu in Africa

hunting kudu africa

Everything you need to know about trophy hunting the greatest spiral-horned antelope, the elusive kudu – the gray ghost – in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. Hunting kudu in Africa, known as the “gray ghost” by many hunters, is a challenge within itself, but to hunt them in the highlands of the Eastern Cape…

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TOPS Permit


TOPS permits – the permits required to hunt endangered and threatened species – are not often part of the discussion when it comes to booking your hunt. The reason for this is that most outfitters have onsite agents or permit books that make the actual process a lot easier and painless. But what does this actually mean…

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Chasing the Tiny Ten

tiny ten

When you think Hunting Africa your mind immediately takes you to big 5 dangerous game like buffalo and lion. Besides the wide diversity of species available for hunting, Africa is home to some of the more intricate animals that form part of the tiny ten. Hunting the tiny ten has got to be one of…

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The greatest start to 2020: rain!


Towards the end of 2019 things had become desperate, we hadn’t had the rain we needed. Animals were dying all around us. Each time we looked at the weather forecast we were promised rain yet when the day came nothing happened. This was not only isolated to our ranch, our whole country was in a…

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Huntershill Rhino Rescue – October 2015

rhino rescue

In October 2015 Greg heard of a rhino cow that was threatened at Kenton-on-Sea on the Eastern Cape Coast.  He put together a plan to rescue her.  A team was dispatched to Kenton, where they collected a tip-up, flatbed tow truck and special animal transport container.  They then made their way to the farm where…

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