Rocklands | Huntershill Safaris

For a different African hunt, a hunt with a little more difficulty, we can now offer a new option.  Add a couple of days at Rocklands to your tour.

Rocklands is a 6175 acres farm located just outside Fort Beaufort on the Grahamstown road.  Guests are transported to Rocklands from Huntershill. The Fort Beaufort area is warmer than Queenstown, where Huntershill is situated.  The farm is bordered by orange plantations.

Hunting is very different from Huntershill.  The terrain is less hilly and the bush is quite dense, so spotting and tracking are not easy.  And the shot will test your skill.  Many hunters relish this challenge.

The game at Rocklands is plentiful but difficult to spot.  We have most of the African species that are hunted at Huntershill, including some 70 buffalo, crocodiles and some large, but elusive, kudu.  Water is plentiful.

Rocklands has a charming 7 bedroom lodge. All bedrooms have en-suite shower and WC.  There is a bar, lounge and dining room, plus a swimming pool and boma and braai area with glorious views.  Staff are brought in from Huntershill to serve the guests.  There is also a cold room for storing carcases.

Greg Harvey acquired the farm in 2015, as an alternative hunting experience for his guests, and has transformed the traditional farm into a hunting ranch.  The farm was owned by the Campbell family since the early 1800s, and Peter Campbell, the most recent owner, oversees operations for Greg.

Rocklands (Fort Beaufort): Manager & Chef:


Lucy has been working for Huntershill since 2004, but in 2017 she moved to head up the running of the Lodge at Rocklands. Her biggest dream is that everyone who comes to Rocklands leaves happy with their experience. She loves working at Rocklands and loves to cook meat in different way for the clients, especially Vension. Lucy is also a keen baker and wouldn’t shy away when asked to make a birthday cake for someone.

History of the Campbell Family at Rocklands


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